Fields I – IV

Fields I – IV | Lavandula sp., Tagetes sp., Jasminum sp., Humulus sp. 2016 | av-installations, expanded paintings Field I – Lavandula sp.: Instruments: Oboe & Bassoon Word association: meadow, nectar, oils, bees, community, dry, heat, sun, summer, dry grassland, swarm, persistent, crickets, connectivity, heather, wind, air, movement Field II – Tagetes sp.: Instrument: Strings Word …

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La Forza

La Forza 2005/6 audio-visual room installation, 20 m2, video-loop, SD 768 × 576p,12 min. The power of plants punches through the roads surfaces – the power of nature in the south, an energy which seems to infect the people. “La Forza“ – a last look back on leaving the botanical garden of Palermo. A piece …

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