La Forza

La Forza

audio-visual room installation, 20 m2, video-loop, SD 768 × 576p,12 min.

The power of plants punches through the roads surfaces – the power of nature in the south, an energy which seems to infect the people. “La Forza“ – a last look back on leaving the botanical garden of Palermo. A piece of urbanised nature, civilised, visitable – a sanctuary, a piece of real nature, a place which could never exist – in real nature. It discloses the rumble and noises of the city…

„The connection of spontaniously composed music more than completes a video – it improvises a special mood which must be seen parallel to the picture, and as independent work in its own right. Music and pictures together form a symbiosis which gives the installation a sense of the corporeal.“ (Curator: Peter Aufreiter)

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