My work starts with the observation of nature: form, structure, sound, colour, movement, effect and time. In search for an extensive rendition of my observations I tie visual art, music, film and natural science together. These components merge into a synthesis which leads into an own language and concludes into an individual perception of nature, being integrated as a further working theme. The results are room installations, films, drawings and compositions.

µ [my]

In der Unschärfe gründet die Ästhetik des Lebens, der Kunst und der Musik, welche das Unnahbare spannend und interessant macht. Die Installation μ [my] thematisiert die Schönheit und Kraft der Unschärfe im Entdecken und Erklären unserer Welt. Anselm Pavlik nutzt in seinem Video das optische Problem der Tiefenschärfe und überlagert es mit zufällig angesteuerten Kompositionsfragmenten. Die Arbeit verweist auf unsere befangene Wahrnehmung der Welt, die sich von unserer sehr persönlichen,subjektiven und intrinsischen Perzeption, bis hin zu wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, Erklärungen und Lösungen zieht. Unsere Grenzen die Ganzheit und die Gleichheit wahrzunehmen zwingt uns sich mit Details, den einzelnen Schichten, zu beschäftigen. Überlagert oder setzt man die Schichten wieder zusammen ergibt das oft ein teilweise korrektes Gesamtbild.

In the blur builds the aesthetics of life, art and music, which makes the unapproachable fascinating and interesting. The installation μ [my] broaches the issue of beauty and strength of the blur in the discovery and explanation of our world. Anselm Pavlik uses the optical problem of depth of focus and overlays randomly chosen fragments of composition in his video. This work refers to our biased perception of the world, which draws a line from our personal, subjective and intrinsic cognition, to scientific knowledge, explanations and solutions. Our limitation in perceiving the wholeness and sameness forces us to deal with details and each layer individually. Putting all layers back together often creates only a partially true overall picture.

Fields I – IV 

Fields I – IV  

Lavandula sp., Tagetes sp., Jasminum sp., Humulus sp.| 2016 | av-installations, expanded paintings


Field I – Lavandula sp.

Instruments: Oboe & Bassoon
Word association: meadow, nectar, oils, bees, community, dry, heat, sun, summer, dry grassland, swarm, persistent, crickets, connectivity, heather, wind, air, movement


Field II – Tagetes sp.
Instrument: Strings
Word association: „students flower“, decorative bloom, urbanity, humanity, science, technology, rough, progress, destruction, society, education, fractures, architecture, war, art, beauty, fear, fight


Field III – Jasminum sp.
Instrument: Tibetan Bowl & Flute or Organ
Word association: highland, earthed, spiritual, forest, fog, meditative, wind, transcendental, light, loose, soft, sky, solitude, bonds, silk, hill, sweet


Field IV – Humulus sp.
Instrument: Humid rotten piano with resonances Word association: wetland, water – meadow, fluvial, forest, river, creek, stream, humidity, shadow, sand, fish, wood, rotten, fungi, glade, fluctuating, movement, adaptive, gravel

La Forza

The power of plants, which can punch through road surfaces the power of nature in the south, an energy which seems to infect the people..La Forza a last look back on leaving the botanical garden in Palermo.. A piece of urbanised nature, civilised, visitable a sanctuary, a piece of real nature, a place which could never exist in real nature. The connection of spontaniously composed music more than completes a video it improvises a special mood which must be seen parallel to the picture, and as independent work in its own right. Music and pictures together form a symbiosis which gives the installation a sense of the corporeal.